Unicorn Party

This unicorn party has been one of my all-time favorites to design. Mostly because my little girl is obsessed with unicorns. She would get the biggest smile on her face and squeal every time she saw me working on it. Part of me just wanted to keep it going forever just so I could see the joy on her face coming in my craft room filled with iridescent streamers, unicorn piñata’s, spiraled suckers, giant balloons, confetti and more.

Reese is also a big lover of rainbows and pink with everything in her wardrobe, toys, life, you name it. In her world it all has to either have rainbows or pink. That is why I had to make two unicorns. One with rainbow hair and one with fluffy, pink hair. She noticed the features of both and couldn’t stop giggling about it. I knew it would be worth the extra work, and I was right.

Temporary Tattoos

Reese is also a huge lover of stickers, so I thought I would introduce her to temporary tattoos. It’s like a sticker but stays on longer. I think that may have been a mistake. She goes to my craft room looking for them, and somehow finds leftovers despite my best effort to hide them from her. I think we may have a problem on her hands. Ha ha! But seriously, have you guys ever used the temporary tattoo paper from Silhouette? It is the coolest stuff! And you don’t even have to just use it on your skin, you can use it on other surfaces like wood and plastic. I used them on some wood discs to make a memory game for my boys’ birthday last year. Applied the temporary tattoo and sprayed it with some clear sealer. They turned out great!

rainbow tattoo

unicorn temporary tattoos

Unicorn Paper Sacks

The paper sacks are one of my all-time favorite party hacks. This is how I serve meals at most of the parties that I host. I love to do sack lunches that have everything already packaged and ready for each guest to just grab and eat. Inside the sack lunches I put in a 2 inch wrapped section of Walmart 6 foot sandwich, bag of chips, and snack size bag of fruits and veggies. I didn’t include a treat this time, because dessert was this beautiful cake made by my mother-in-law. Reese was so excited for the cake that her grandma was going to make her and it did not disappoint. She sat and discussed all of this beautiful features with her grandma when she brought it. She really cannot get enough of how amazing it turned out.

unicorn lunch sacks

Unicorn Party Hats

I think these little party hats are my favorite thing from the unicorn line. The rainbow mane out the back is so darn cute! I love the 3-D ears poking out and the beautiful hair with the horn sticking out the top. The great part about this is everything is print and cut, so the time it takes to assemble one of these is fairly quick. I will be posting a full tutorial on how to make these hats next week.

unicorn party hat

unicorn party hat

Unicorn Award Ribbons

The award ribbons were so fun to give out to the kids after the games. I found these little adhesive safety pins online that you just peel and stick to the back of the paper ribbons. It made it so easy to put on the kids and they looked so cute. This would also be adorable without any numbers on them, or you could also just put the age of the person whose birthday it is. For example, I would’ve done the number three on all of them because it was Reese’s third birthday.

unicorn award ribbons

Unicorn Sucker Party Favors

The unicorn sucker party favors were the perfect party favor. I had already done so much prep during the party for the sack lunches, hats, ribbons and tattoos, so I kept the party favor pretty simple. Even though it is so simple, it still looks like you put a lot of effort and work into it. The suckers come in a variety of colors and I believe they even have rainbow ones.

unicorn suckers

Unicorn Piñata

Next week I will post about all the fun games we had at the party including this fun unicorn I made from a donkey piñata. It was so easy, but does take a bit of time. I just stripped off all the fringe tissue paper from the donkey, spray painted it white, and trimmed the ears a bit. Then I covered it in strips of crepe paper I had cut to look like fringe. I made a few tassels out of tissue paper for the main and hot glued them on. Don’t forget to add some iridescent highlights. Haha! The horn is actually paper cotton candy cone I trimmed down and covered in tissue paper. I’m excited to share the rest of the fun games and activities with you next week.

unicorn pinata