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Leprechaun Houses

leprechaun house and shamrock banner title

We had the funnest party yesterday with some of my friends I worked with years ago and all their cute kiddos. I do an annual St. Patrick’s Day party with them and thought it would be fun to change things up a bit. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I love to decorate gingerbread houses. We did haunted houses at Halloween, the classic gingerbread houses at Christmas, and then love shacks at Valentine’s. I wanted to do leprechaun houses, but was a little sugared out. I’m so glad I decided to do wood houses for these. They turned out absolutely adorable! Now we have a place to keep our leprechauns if we get lucky enough to catch one.

small leprechaun wooded houseThe whole project started with these adorable house boxes I found while looking for stuff for a completely different party. The size and shape is perfect, and I love that the roof comes off so you can take a peek inside and even decorate it for the little guy.

leprechaun house suppliesHere is a list of where I purchased everything to help you find things a little easier. Everything I bought at craft stores was 40% off when I purchased it. Watch for sales, craft stores always have great ones.

Michaels – black rocks, white rocks, moss rocks, moss rocks with succulents,
Oriental Trading – paper mache house boxes, gold coins, large wood slice, wood spools
Walmart – moss ribbon, bag of moss
Hobby Lobby – small wood slices, moss ribbon, small popsicle sticks

leprechaun house wood stairsMy boys have been so anxious to make a bug garden (like a fairy garden, but for bugs) that I thought we could use these houses in the bug gardens after St. Patrick’s Day. I’m sure the paper mache houses won’t hold up very well outside, but that will just give us an excuse to do this fun activity again. If you are going to make fairy gardens, I think little wood bird house kits would make such cute houses that you could decorate. That’s what we’ll replace these with after they have endured the weather a bit. Luckily, all the cute steps, wagons, tables and chairs, etc. are all wood and will be just fine.

leprechaun housesMy oldest boys are 5 years old and couldn’t get enough of this. They’re still making houses and other accessories out of all the wood slices and moss as we speak. They woke up first thing this morning, and got to work. 12 hours and about 5 pounds of glue later, they’re still creating. I think the excitement of working on their bug gardens mixed with getting to use the hot glue guns by themselves, is what has kept them busy all day. They have done so well with them and can’t put them down.

side of wood leprechaun houseAt the party I had three cordless hot glue guns to split between the 12 kids. First of all, that wasn’t nearly enough. Second, the cordless hot glue guns didn’t heat the glue fast enough for how much they were being used. They took forever. I grabbed my cheap, mini glue guns that plug into the wall and we were able to crank out the houses much faster. If you decide to do wireless glue guns for this project, I recommend having one per person.

natural leprechaun houseAnd you can’t have a leprechaun house without a few gold coins. We places them around the houses to help lure the leprechauns to us. I hope it works.

leprechaun fairy garden housesSend your kids outside to gather some sticks and other treasures from nature and get to work making some leprechaun houses. Or, you can just go buy everything at the store like I did. Haha! Works either way.

I hope you have felt inspired to make leprechaun houses or maybe it gave you motivation for a fairy/bug garden this summer. Whatever you choose, enjoy the process of making them. That’s the best part.

Woodland Party by Ali

My adorable friend Ali is due with her first baby this month and I’m so excited for her. She sent me some pictures from a baby shower her mother-in-law threw her using the Woodland Party Theme. Notice the cake topper is the fox from the invitation. Clever. She also used the garland for decor along the table runner instead of hanging. Thanks for sending these to me Ali. You are going to be the best little mama and I can’t wait to meet the little guy!

Ali_Woodland 1Ali_Woodland 3Ali_Woodland 2

Silhouette Tutorial: Customize Tag Phrases

I received an email from a reader asking for Woodland Thank You Tags with a different phrase on them. I thought it would be helpful to make a tutorial to show how you can change the phrase on the tag yourselves. This may be helpful for other Silhouette designs with phrases you wish to customize.

tag tut 2

Draw a rectangle large enough to cover the phrase. Using the fill color window, select the eyedropper tool, then select the color on the tag. This will give you an exact match to the background color of each tag.

tag tut 4

Next, select the line color menu. Remove the line color by selecting the swatch on the top left that looks like a light gray grid. This will make the line transparent or disappear.

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Woodland Party


I’m so excited to share my new woodland party today! It coordinates perfectly with the woodland animals from this post. This theme would be perfect for birthday parties, baby showers or a summer campout.

*Updated to add woodland cupcake wrappers and water bottle labels*

Woodland Animal Banner

This banner comes as a print and cut for fast and easy assemble. Simply string it through some twine and hang with the woodland garland. It’s a fast and easy way to add a big impact to your party.


Woodland Die Cuts

These die cuts can be used alone to embellish and decorate, or strung together to create a garland. As with all my designs, they are simple and easy to create. Each shape is made up of very few pieces and colors so they can be assembled quickly. Tape them to some twine and you have a lovely garland. Continue reading