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Candy Shop Party Decorations and Favor Boxes

candy party shop tabletopI had this idea I just couldn’t get out of my head, and I couldn’t focus on anything else until I created it. Can any of you relate? This candy shop originally started for a Valentine party, but as I continued to create and the colors started coming, I knew it would be a fun party any time of year. Wouldn’t this be a fun birthday party or maybe just a day with the girls talking and making fun candy treats?

candy shop party favor boxesEverything in this party is so easy to create because all the hard work is done for you. Those darling candy shop boxes are print and cut files. Just print them out and cut with your Silhouette. Glue the boxes together and fill for guests, or have them fill their own for a great party favor. Fill your own party favors… can’t get much easier than that.

candy shop favor boxes side

candy shop boxes candy shop party tableWe always see candy bars set up using the big, glass apothecary jars. For this party, I wanted to show how you can use any container you have on hand, big or small. I bought those little doll house shelves for an entirely different project, but they fit so perfectly with the candy shop decorations and favor boxes that I had to use them. I cut out a few of the candy pieces, strung them together for a little garland and hung it across the top. A small project, but it adds some great detail and variety to all the jars of candy. candy shop candy garlandcandy shop partyThe heart fan backdrop turned out to be my favorite part. It adds so much color and texture. A huge perk of this backdrop… it is so so easy to make and comes together very quickly. I actually spent about 15 hours on a different backdrop for this party. It was so cool, but didn’t look good with this set up. I plan on using it for another party though, so don’t panic. :) After spending all that time on a backdrop that just wasn’t working I threw this together in an hour and I love it! Wouldn’t those hearts turned upside-down be so cute as fins for a mermaid party? Always a good thing when you can get more than one use out of a project. heart fan backdrop
heart fan backdrop


candy shop candy lights

For the final detail, I wrapped some ball lights in cellophane and had them pouring over a container like candy overflowing from a jar. The colors are so fun and the shape of these lights is so playful. They are my new favorite party accessory. And by new, I mean I have been using them in parties for a little over a year, and I’m not even close to being sick of them. :)

candy party table

I hope you enjoy it as much as my kids and I already have. You can find all files to print and cut each piece of this candy shop party below.

The Perfect Puppy Party

puppy party hats

This little cutie turned two and we celebrated with a Puppy Party! She loves, loves, loves dogs and giggles when she sees or gets to pet one. Plus, we celebrated with just our family and grandparents because her birthday was a few weeks after I had the baby, so we went with a theme all the kids would enjoy.

puppy party table setting

Puppy Party Decorations

I love that the colors of this party work well for both boys and girls. The table set up was so easy. The only thing I used purely for decoration was the dog bone confetti sprinkled on top. Every other piece on the table was functional and used by the guests.

puppy party place setting

Each place setting had: a plate for their lunch, dog dish (used later for a game,) party hat, glass bottle with straw, and a dog house party favor. I picked up the dog food bowls at a dollar store and the glass drinking bottles were from the Target Dollar Spot. I love when I find what I need for great prices. Isn’t that the best?

puppy party cupcakes

The centerpiece was a plate full of cupcakes made to look like dog food in a bowl. I’m sure General Mills and Reese’s didn’t intend for their delicious cereal to be used as fake dog food, but it looks too much like it to pass up. Haha! (It really is the yummiest cereal!)

The cupcakes were so easy to make and require zero cake decorating skills. I made chocolate cupcakes from a box, frosted them with store-bought chocolate frosting, then immediately rolled them in a bowl full of Reese’s Puffs cereal until the tops of the cupcakes were completely covered. Super simple, and they looked so cute in their dog bowl cupcake wrappers.
Reese's Puffs cereal dog food

Puppy Party Games

Puppy Chow:
I used the Reese’s Puffs cereal again for a dog food eating contest. I filled everyone’s bowls with the cereal, then placed them on the floor. The kids had to get down on their hands and knees and eat the bow of “dog food” as fast as they could using only their mouths. They thought it was so silly and loved being able to eat like dogs do.
pin the tail on the puppy

Pin the Tail on the Puppy:
We also had a little game of “Pin the Tail on the Puppy”. I love this picture of Jax helping his brother out. They would laugh so hard when they would put the tail on the face or somewhere else silly. The classic party games really are the best.

I had a relay coarse of jumping through hula hoops, rolling over, and more planned for the kids outside for some “dog training”, but it was too windy. We decided to stay inside and they performed some “dog tricks” instead. It all worked out great.puppy party

If you host a party using these puppy designs, I would love to see it. Post a picture on Instagram and tag me (@amyrobisondesign) so I can take a peek. As always, you can find the .svg cut files for each design by clicking on the picture below.

3D Apple Gift Box Tutorial

apple 3D box

Summer is ending very shortly if it hasn’t already for your kids and they’re heading back to school. Hooray! This apple gift box would be great to fill with treats or supplies for your child’s teacher. You could also fill it with some fun surprises for your child as a little gift on their first day of school. After they open it up, use the apple on your mantle in your fall decor.

How to make a 3D Apple Gift Box

Supplies Needed

(This tutorial contains affiliate links, but only to products I personally use and love!)

apple box tutorial 1

Step 1: Cut out all of your pieces using your Silhouette.

Step 2: Fold along all the dotted lines to create the creases for all the edges.

Step 3: Glue the bottom sections of one of the apple side pieces to create a curved, bowl-shaped bottom. While creating the box, we will be using the Tombow Mono Liquid Glue to adhere all the sides together. This is my favorite adhesive for 3D projects. It has a strong hold and dries quickly.

Step 4: Glue the bottom piece to the bottom-side section you previously glued.apple box tutorial 2

Step 5: Glue the bottom sections of the other side piece to create a curved, bowl-shaped bottom.

Step 6: Glue the two side pieces together making sure to adhere it to the bottom piece.

Step 7: Glue all the top sections together to complete the box of the apple.

Step 8: Your box should look like this.
apple box tutorial 3

Step 9: Now we will make the lid. Glue the sections of the lid together using the liquid glue.

Step 10: You have now completed the box and the lid base. Your apple should look like this.

Step 11: Roll the brown strip of paper and glue the end to hold the rolled shape.

Step 12: Fold the leaf in half.

apple box tutorial 4

Step 13: Bend the bottom of the leaf down.

Step 14: Glue the bottom of the leaf to the stem.

Step 15: Using your glue gun, adhere the stem to the center of the lid. Let cool.

Step 16: Bend the leaf back down and make any tweaks to get the look you want. Fill the box with goodies and close by placing the lid on top.

This same tutorial can be used to create my Pineapple and Coconut boxes too. Just make a few minor adjustments for the tops.

Ice Cream Cone Treat Boxes

ice cream treats 2

These ice cream cone treat boxes are perfect for giving small gifts to friends or guests at a party. I love the style and size of the sour cream pouch box. They’re easy to assemble and hold just the right amount of treats inside. And don’t you just love the sprinkles on top? Everything looks better covered in sprinkles.

These cones would also make a cute invitation for an ice cream social or other fun summer party. You could type the party info on the scoops of ice cream, or even stuff the info along with a treat inside the cone. There are so many different ways to use these adorable little cones.

You can find step-by-step instructions for how to assemble this style of treat box HERE. Both ice cream cone treat boxes are available in the Silhouette Design Store. Download and cut yours out, then start spreading little gifts of happiness to those around you.

Soft serve ice cream cone | Scooped ice cream cone

Tropical Paradise

tropical cupcakes

Back in May I was invited to attend the Silhouette Summit in Hawaii that Silhouette hosted to debut their new products coming out this year. It was so fun, obviously, and I came back so rejuvenated and inspired by all the beauty those islands hold. I apparently came back on Hawaiian time, because it took me a few months to get back into the swing of things and create these tropical paradise designs. Haha!

pineapple and coconut box

Pineapple and Coconut Boxes

The pineapple and coconut box are fun to use as decor for a luau, to hold utensils and treats, or to use as gift box containing a party favor. You can find some simple instructions for assembling the boxes on Amanda Coleman’s blog, or more detailed step-by-step instructions using my 3D apple tutorial that is very similar to these shapes.
pineapple box top crop tropical cupcake wrappers

Cupcake Wrappers

One of the reasons I love cupcake wrappers so much is they can dress up any cupcake. I am not a baker and don’t have the talent of making beautifully frosted cupcakes. I can swirl on some white frosting and add some sprinkles though. With the addition of the cupcake wrappers and toppers, they look professional and almost make it look like I know what I’m doing. ;) Plus, my dessert now coordinates with the rest of my party which is always a good thing.

Find all the cupcake wrappers in the Silhouette Design Store.
Coconut Drink | Flamingo | Pineapple | Snorkel

tropical treat boxes

Treat Boxes

I love the simplicity of the sour cream pouch style treat box. They are so easy to make and are the perfect size for a party favor.

Find all the treat boxes in the Silhouette Design Store.
Hibiscus | Pineapple | Flamingo | Palm Tree

tropical treat boxes copy

tropical gift cards

Gift Card Envelopes

Gift cards can be the best gifts. I know I’m a personal fan of them. Some feel they aren’t personal enough. Dress them up in one of these gift card envelopes and problem solved. Who wouldn’t love to receive some money in these adorable tropical envelopes?

Find all the gift card envelopes in the Silhouette Design Store.
Pineapple | Flamingo | Hibiscus | Snorkel | Palm Tree

Tropical Gift Card

flamingo gift card 2

Here’s another look at the gift card envelopes. The card slides in to complete the image through the cut-out piece on the envelopes. Fun, right? You can write a little a message on the card, then slip it in the envelope with the gift card. So simple, but such a thoughtful touch.palm tree gift card 2

Host a Luau this summer and I know all your guests will enjoy these fun tropical designs too.

Box Tutorial | Silhouette Promotion

diy pineapple box

You all know that I love hosting little parties and party favors/boxes are one of my favorite things to design. I am going to show you how to turn your simple Silhouette shapes into a box using Silhouette Studio Designer Edition.

Before we get to the tutorial, let’s talk about the current Silhouette Promotion that starts today. This is a fabulous promotion and every one should take advantage. The Silhouette Studio Designer Edition gives you more freedom to create your own designs to cut with the Silhouette. You can also import .svg cut files you find online to build your library. All of the free designs I offer on my blog are in .svg format so you can cut them with your Silhouette, but you must have the designer edition to do so. You can get it for 40% off this week, using promo code ROBISON. I’ll be posting a free cut file for you later this week and you can find all my free downloads in the right column of the blog.


Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition contains all the same functionality as Silhouette Studio® plus the following designer features:

  • Ability to open, manipulate, and cut .svg files
  • Rhinestone tools to convert designs into rhinestone templates and create your own rhinestone designs
  • Sketch tools to convert designs into several styles of sketchable art
  • Creative knife tools to allow you to clip designs using different patterns
  • Enhanced eraser set to modify designs with more precision
  • Built-in ruler and guide lines for precise alignment and drawing
  • Layers support (including ability to cut by layer)
  • PDF import
  • Nesting feature to allow you to arrange cuts as efficiently as possible—a scrapper’s dream!
  • Shadow tool—allows you to add a drop shadow to printable designs

Let’s get started turning your designs into 3D boxes using your Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition software. Continue reading

Tea Party | Place Setting

Tea Party - Amy Robison

Everything came together so well with this party, but I think one of my top favorites is the place setting. It was simple to put together and the color and little detail brought a lot to the table.

Tea Party - Amy Robison

I used a little tea bag connected to a butterfly as the place cards. The tea bag sat in the cup while the butterfly perched on the edge with each guests name. Inside each tea bag was a small pack of pink gum to freshen our breath after lunch. My two-year-old niece could have gone home happy after opening that. She couldn’t stop talking about how great it was that she had her own pack of gum. I love children! It’s always the little things that delight them.

Tea Party - Amy Robison


Our menu consisted of all pink finger foods. I ordered the pink bread for the egg salad sandwiches from my local grocery store. I should have specified that I wanted a soft pink, because I felt the color was a little too bright. The girls didn’t seem to mind. The more pink the better!

Tea Party - Amy Robison

I had two different kinds of cupcake wrappers. The first had a butterfly with wings that popped out. The second had a handle to hold as if the cupcake wrapper were a teacup. I accented the pop-out pieces with gold glitter to add some sparkle. The girls thought it was so funny to raise their cupcakes up by the tiny handle, and touch them together to “cheers”.

Tea Party - Amy Robison

The cupcakes were delicious, or maybe it was just the frosting. There were a few cupcakes left on the table with all the frosting licked clean off. Kids really are the best!

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button_connectdesigner04 BLOG

You can find all the details on my post here. Trust me, you don’t want to pass this up.

St. Patrick’s Day Gold Treat Boxes

St. Patrick's Day gold treats BLOG

I love little holidays like Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Day where there are little expectations and you get to make simple decorations and treats to celebrate your own traditions. We’re just starting our own family traditions now that my boys are getting a little older to somewhat understand the holidays. I plan on having little clues around the house as evidence a leprechaun has been there on St. Patrick’s Day. I’ll use green food coloring to dye food and drinks, maybe even color the toilet water green for some extra fun. In elementary I remember there being green show prints around the room where the leprechaun had been. I plan on using these leprechaun shoe prints to do the same thing at our house. And of course, our leprechaun will be leaving treats throughout the day too. Perhaps at the end of a little treasure hunt.

Do you have any St. Patrick’s Day traditions? Does a leprechaun visit your house?

You can find all gold treat box die cuts in my Silhouette portfolio.
Gold Nugget Wrappers | Gold Bar Boxes | Pot of Gold Treat Box | Pot of Gold Pocket

Pirate Party Treasures

treasure chest coins blog

To finish up the Pirate Party posts I have a few party favors and decorations to share with you. I love the simplicity of this treasure chest pocket. The only adhesive that is required is gluing the lock on. The rest of the treasure chest folds and holds together on its own. You can see similar folding instructions here. You can fill with candy treasures, or use as part of the treasure hunt to hold the clues in each place along the way.

pirate hats blog

All your pirate guests can dress up with these hats and eye patches. The hats come with two paper bands that you glue to either side of the hat and then staple together at the size needed to sit on each child’s head. Tie on the eye patch using some elastic to stretch around the head and hold in place. To make the hats feminine for all the little girl pirates, I cut the skulls out of glitter wrapping paper and glued them to pink hats and eye patches.

pixie dust blog

Add some magic to your party with some flying pixie dust. Print and cut out the label, then attach to a bag of glitter. This is probably best for an outdoor party or as a party favor to send home. :)

pirate die cuts blog

All these die cuts are great for decorating and accenting your pirate party. You can string them together to make a garland similar to this one. The sword can be cut out of chipboard and used to complete their pirate costume. There are a lot of fun ideas that can be done with these die cuts. Let your imagination run wild.

You can find all pirate die cuts in my Silhouette portfolio.
Pirate Flag | Gold Coins | Parrot | Sea Turtle | Sword | Ship

I hope you have enjoyed the pirate party. I would love to see your pirate parties on Instagram. Post your pictures and tag using #amyrobison

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Classmate Valentines

ball blog

I wanted to give you all a closer look at some of the Valentines for kids with some tips and tricks. Like I said before, I picked up just about everything at the dollar store.

Have a Ball this Valentine’s Day!

These ping pong balls had 12 in the package for $1. I pulled the hearts from the tag and using Temporary Tattoo Paper decorated the ping pong balls to coordinate with the tags. It was so fast and easy, I think I’ll try it out on more surfaces with future projects. Just follow the instructions on the back of the package.

balloons blog

Love is in the Air + Don’t Burst my Bubble

My little boys think balloons and bubbles are the coolest thing ever right now. I made these next two Valentines specifically with them in mind. You can tie a balloon to the tag for kids taking them to school, or inflate them and give them to family and friends at home.

bubble blog

Continue reading

Valentine Treat Bags

be mine

Happy Friday! Today I’m showing you the last of the new Valentine line that I put up in the Silhouette store this week. First up are these Valentine Folded Tags. This is a super easy gift for your Valentine this year. Fill a clear bag with a yummy treat, then attach the folded tag and you’re finished. So simple.folded tags blog Continue reading

Valentine Bags and Tags

valentine bags and banner crop

Love is in the air. I have some new Valentine tags and more in the Silhouette store this weekend. Go check them out and come back next week to see all the different ways you can use them.

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Christmas Roundup

christmas roundup


Christmas is less than a week away. Here is a little Christmas roundup of quick and easy gifts that are perfect for neighbors, classmates and friends.

  1. Santa | Snowman | Reindeer
  2. Snowman | Reindeer | Santa
  3. Merry Kiss-mas! stickers
  4. Santa-tizer
  5. Don’t Open Until Christmas | Pinecone and bough | Wreath
  6. Christmas Tree Advent Calendar
  7. Lace-up Stocking Pocket