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Witches’ Brew Party Drink

witches' brew party drink kit

We had the funnest Halloween party with our friends. It was a progressive party where we traveled to a new house for each activity. Luckily we are all neighbors, so we didn’t have to travel far.


witches brew party table

At my house we had lunch and made some witches’ brew party drinks. I found these awesome skull mugs at Oriental Trading in their clearance section over the summer. I’m glad I snagged them up, because they are no longer available. Total bummer, because these mugs are so cool! This was the inspiration for the whole drink.

fresh blood syringe

I bought these syringes early in October from Walmart not knowing what I was going to do with them. I knew I had to use them some how this season and this was the perfect place for it.

witches' brew kit table setting

photo by Jill Witt Photography

Each child had their own witches’ brew party drink kit set up as their place setting at the table. The kit included all the ingredients they would need. The products were all name brand too, and came from the best witch shop in town, Witchy Works. ;)

witches' brew ingredients

Witches’ Brew Drink Kit 


  • Fresh Blood – Koolaid
  • Broken Bones – Candyfetti (Pop Rocks would also be cool for this)
  • Eye of Newt – Candy Eyes
  • Bits of Brains – Sweet Tart Ropes
  • Ghostly Goo – Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Skull Juice – Sprite
  • Witches’ Brew Labels


  1. Print and cut out your labels. The labels include more spooky ingredients than I used at the party, so they will fit a variety of candies and other ingredients you want to use.
  2. Fill your glass half way full of Sprite. I used a ladle to scoop it out of a cauldron in the middle of the table with dry ice. Why is that stuff so cool even when you’re an adult? I loved it as much as the kids.
  3. Add ingredients one at a time and watch as they fizz and bubble up. Use the straw to stir your magic potion.
  4. Drink up and enjoy!

fresh blood in witches' brew

The kids loved mixing and adding all their spooky ingredients to make… well, a mess actually, but that’s what parties are all about. Haha! If you want to watch it in action, my little boy made some witches’ brew in this video.

witches' brew with syringeHave a safe and happy Halloween!

Easter Egg Cupcake Bar

Have you used the plastic Easter eggs that look and feel like real ones yet? They are my favorite Easter product since I discovered them a few years ago. This time, I decided to use them for something other than an activity with my kids to decorate eggs. This little Easter egg cupcake bar is so fun and festive.

easter egg sprinkles and cupcakes
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I cut off the top using an old steak knife. I’m sure a craft knife would work too. Then I cut a little notch so I could tear along the edge and give it more of a natural broken shell look.

I placed all the eggs in a ceramic egg container (or an egg carton would work well too,) and filled with different sprinkles. Each egg held a little spoon to scoop out the sprinkles and decorate your cupcakes with.

easter egg carton with sprinkles

Just remember, if you frost your cupcakes ahead of time, the sprinkles will have a hard time sticking to the frosting. Have a little bag of icing for each guest to frost their own and then add the sprinkles right after. This was such a simple activity to get ready and would look great at any Easter party.


How to Watercolor Sugar Cookies

Sometimes I get these crazy ideas and wonder how in the world I’m going to pull it off and if it will even work. Having a party to watercolor sugar cookies is one of those. My kids love to decorate cookies, but I wanted to come up with a new way they haven’t tried before to keep their attention. New activities always keep them busy longer.

decorating easter egg sugar cookies

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How to Watercolor Sugar Cookies

I baked a batch of sugar cookies and frosted them with white royal icing. I made them the day before so that the icing would have plenty of time to dry and would have a smooth, firm surface for painting. This was only the second time I have tried frosting cookies with royal icing. I am not an expert by any means, but doing plain white cookies is much easier than making designs with frosting. Plus, these cookies were for a kids party and they were just going to paint and color on them, so I wasn’t too worried about flawlessly frosted cookies.
easter egg sugar cookies table

Supplies + Tips

I ordered paint brushes and tiny palettes so that each person could have their own set of edible paints, and lost the palettes. Ugh! If you plan on doing this activity with several people and are responsible enough not to lose the palettes ahead of time, (haha!) I highly recommend them. They are the perfect size.  I ended up using these little egg dishes, which I love, so all wasn’t lost. The kids were good about sharing them. I ended up adding a small spoonful of water to each color at the party. It helped the watercolors go on so much smoother and brighter. There are recipes for liquid watercolors for cookies, but I was worried about the kids spilling those so I made the solid ones. Little did I know I would be pouring water in the solid ones and creating the same risk anyway. You learn as you go.

painting easter eggs party

I also had a pack of food-safe markers for the kids to use on the cookies. They worked so well. I thought they might dig into the frosting when the kids pressed on them while coloring, but they didn’t. I was pleasantly surprised.

coloring sugar cookies

Decorating the Table

I used white butcher paper to cover the table and drew a bunch of eggs with a black marker. My kids were the art directors for this part and told me which patterns or shapes to draw on each egg. They love being involved with the setup of parties. After the kids decorated their cookies, they could use the watercolors to paint the eggs on the table cloth. Because they might get a little carried away with the watercolors, I placed a cheap, plastic tablecloth underneath the butcher to protect my table incase the water soaked through.
watercolor easter egg sugar cookies party

The centerpiece of the table was a tin tray filled with plastic eggs they could decorate. The kids were too busy watercoloring the sugar cookies and tablecloth, they never made it to the eggs. It still made for a fun and very easy centerpiece.

colored eggs sugar cookies

edible watercolor sugar cookies

Everyone was so proud of their cookie masterpieces and loved exploring a new way to decorate them. This party was a success and involved kids ages 1-4. I would love to see what older children could create while watercoloring sugar cookies. I think they could whip up some really pretty and fun designs. If you’re looking for a fun activity this Easter, give this one a try. You’ll love it!

Green Ice Cream Float Topped with Edible Gold

shamrock float drinks

We have started celebrating St. Patrick’s Day around our house. Rather than cram all the fun into one day, I like to do a little activity every day with the kids for a few weeks leading up to each holiday. It is so fun to teach them about all the traditions that come with each one, and see how excited they get learning about new things. Yesterday I had a special treat waiting for them when they got home from preschool. I made them each a green ice cream float topped with edible gold. I even sprayed the Golden Oreos with edible gold mist to make them sparkle and shine. The boys were so delighted and thought everything was delicious. shamrock float gold oreos

Recipe: Green Ice Cream Float with Edible Gold


  • Ginger Ale
  • Lime Sherbet
  • Whipped Cream
  • Light Karo Syrup
  • Gold Sprinkles
  • Gold Confetti
  • Golden Oreos
  • Edible Gold Mist


  1. Dip the rim of the glass into Karo Syrup, then dip into gold sprinkles
  2. Add two-three scoops of Lime sherbet into the glass, then fill with Ginger Ale.
  3. Top it all off with whipped cream, edible gold confetti and a fun straw.
  4. Spray the Golden Oreos with edible gold mist to make them sparkle and shine.

shamrock float whipped topping

I loved trying out a few of the edible gold sprinkles and more that I found. My kids couldn’t believe that they could really eat it. They kept looking at me as if I were tricking them and waiting for me to tell them it was a joke. Mason licked the rim of his glass clean while telling me how delicious the gold was the whole time. Haha! I love that boy!

This drink really is so simple and will make a big impact on a party. You can never go wrong with that. Enjoy!

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Pineapple Party Favors

pineapple thanks

We blessed Reese a few weeks ago at church and had our family over afterward for brunch. I kept it much simpler this time than I did when we blessed the boys. Like, a millions times simpler. I had more free time then with two newborns napping, than I do now with two wild toddlers and a newborn.  I decorated the tables with honeycomb balls and pineapples. All the pineapples doubled as a party favor with a “thanks” hanging from it that each family took home. It looked so cheerful and was easy to set up, which made the day even more enjoyable.

pineapple table3

pineapple cookie

My cousin made these adorable cookies to serve and my boys are still talking about them. In fact, Jax had a meltdown today that we didn’t have any of these cookies left. It has been a few weeks and he still remembers them. I’ll admit, I wanted to have a meltdown too that they were gone. Those cookies were absolutely delicious!

We had a beautiful day surrounded by family and it was perfect. I’ll be posting some pictures of my sweet Reese in her blessing dress. I can’t get enough of her smiles and chubby cheeks. As my boys say, “She’s delicious!”

Tea Party | Place Setting

Tea Party - Amy Robison

Everything came together so well with this party, but I think one of my top favorites is the place setting. It was simple to put together and the color and little detail brought a lot to the table.

Tea Party - Amy Robison

I used a little tea bag connected to a butterfly as the place cards. The tea bag sat in the cup while the butterfly perched on the edge with each guests name. Inside each tea bag was a small pack of pink gum to freshen our breath after lunch. My two-year-old niece could have gone home happy after opening that. She couldn’t stop talking about how great it was that she had her own pack of gum. I love children! It’s always the little things that delight them.

Tea Party - Amy Robison


Our menu consisted of all pink finger foods. I ordered the pink bread for the egg salad sandwiches from my local grocery store. I should have specified that I wanted a soft pink, because I felt the color was a little too bright. The girls didn’t seem to mind. The more pink the better!

Tea Party - Amy Robison

I had two different kinds of cupcake wrappers. The first had a butterfly with wings that popped out. The second had a handle to hold as if the cupcake wrapper were a teacup. I accented the pop-out pieces with gold glitter to add some sparkle. The girls thought it was so funny to raise their cupcakes up by the tiny handle, and touch them together to “cheers”.

Tea Party - Amy Robison

The cupcakes were delicious, or maybe it was just the frosting. There were a few cupcakes left on the table with all the frosting licked clean off. Kids really are the best!

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button_connectdesigner04 BLOG

You can find all the details on my post here. Trust me, you don’t want to pass this up.

Pirate Party Cupcake Wrappers

pirate party cupcakes blog

Once I got started designing the pirate cupcake wrappers and toppers I just couldn’t stop. I had so many ideas flowing through my head. I included a good mix of regular die cuts along with print and cut. I used chocolate covered gold coins and brown sugar to make sand and treasure for the treasure chest cupcake. The sail on the pirate ship cupcake uses a thin wooden skewer to hold all the sails together. The pirate ship on waves includes two print and cut ships. One ship with pink sails and one with red sails for both girl and boy pirates. As always, I like my designs to be quick and easy to assemble, especially when you are making enough for a whole party. Which cupcake wrappers and toppers do you like best?

pirate toppers blog

Each topper has a pointed end that is ready to stick into your cupcakes and other delicious treats. No need to spend time gluing them to toothpicks.

You can find all cupcake wrappers in my Silhouette portfolio.
Pirate Ship on Waves | Island Treasure Chest | Pirate Ship | Ship and Wave
Pirate Boy | Pirate Captain | Pirate Girl

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Neon Party


Here is a simple farewell party I threw for a friend before she moved away. It was one last get together with all our girlfriends. I used neon circle labels found in the office supply section to add a little touch of neon to everything. It was so easy and fast.

succulent tag

Each guest left with a potted succulent. I spray painted the plastic pots that they came in white. I then wrapped them with neon yarn and tied a clay tag to it. I used a stamp that says “keep in touch” to press the words into the polymer clay before cooking.


The closest thing to a neon dessert I could think of was sherbet. These clear cups with lids were perfect for preparing individual servings before the party. I finished them off with a neon paint dipped wood spoon tied on top.


The banners were so easy to make. I made the fringe banner out of neon tissue paper I cut and sewed together. The polka dot garland is made by sticking the neon circle labels to thread. The great thing about neon is a little goes a long way. This party was so simple and came together in just a few hours. I love when that happens!

Barbecue Party

BBQ printables

With all the summer barbecues going on, I wanted to create a party kit that was simple, fast and could be done by anyone. A great party can still be made on limited time and expense.

BBQ printables

I was inspired by Heather Bailey’s Nicey Jane – Porch Swing collection and went from there. The pinwheels were made by adhering fabric to coordinating cardstock with Silhouette’s Fabric Interfacing. I wanted to use the fabric anywhere I could and thought they were perfect for pinwheels.  I used sticker paper to print and cut labels for the drinks and it was done.

The dessert was delicious and was so simple. I layered a cookie, hot fudge and ice cream in cupcake wrappers. Every body loved them and they were so easy to make.

Enjoy hosting your own party for any occasion and celebration with these fun decorations.

Barbecue Drink Labels | Barbecue Fruit Labels | Barbecue Invitation and Pinwheel

Patriotic Decorations

cake crop

Here are some last minute party ideas for the 4th of July. First are these Patriotic Food Toppers. There are no paper pieces to layer or toothpicks to glue, just cut and insert them into any yummy treat!

stars and stripes flags cropThe second is this simple flag banner using the Party Banner die cut. Another quick project that doesn’t require layering any pieces. You can find the tutorial for the 3D Star Garland HERE.

Tomorrow I’ll have another free download for you. Remember to take advantage of the current Silhouette Promotion on the Designer Edition Software so you can import all my free downloads to cut on your Silhouette. See you tomorrow!

Tie Treat Bag Tutorial

treat tie BLOG

New in the Silhouette store this week is my Tie Treat Bag. Just in time for Father’s Day! You can give it alone, or use it to embellish a glassine envelope holding a card. If you want to get your little ones involved, cut the tie out of white paper and have them color it before assembling and filling with yummy treats. It’s those details from little hands that make all the difference.

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Serving Dishes + Free Download

DIY plastic Bowls with vinyl

As promised, today I’m showing another way to use Silhouette Premium Vinyl. I found these cute plastic bowls and plates at Ikea. They come in a pack of four and cost about $1.50. I couldn’t pass them up. This project was so easy and was finished in minutes. Cut any shape out of vinyl and place on the containers like you would a sticker. That’s it! You’re done! I’ve decided to share a free .svg download of basic shapes to get you started. Note: You need to have the designer edition of the Silhouette software to import the cut file.

I think these little bowls will look great on my desk holding odds and ends. They would also work well for holding wrapped candy and small treats at a party.

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