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Favorite Things Valentine Party

Homemade Valentine Stamps and Crafts

I hosted a Favorite Things Valentine party for my high school friends and their kids last week. We have a party every year and I must admit, it’s taking more and more thought to come up with a new theme every time.

You can see the past two parties here: Valentine Party | Valentine Detective Party

Favorite Things Invitation


There were plenty of brown paper packages tied up with string at this party, but we also had our share of pink and red hearts, glitter and more. It was a great combination. I mailed the invitations in brown paper bag envelopes and sewed some hearts along the bottom to pretty them up. :) The invitation asked each kid to bring a small gift under $5 of their favorite thing for a little gift exchange at the party. That part was a lot of fun.


Party Prep

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Before the party I prepped a banner kit for every kid. Each bag was filled with their own supplies including washy tape, stickers, glitter, banner and glue stick. Even though I filled the table with more supplies, I think it’s always fun to give each guest something of their very own. It makes it a little more special.

I used my Silhouette Mint to make some stamps for the kids to use on their banners. This little machine is amazing and you can create stamps so fast! I scanned in some images I drew and printed them out at stamps. Then I added some ink and they were ready to go. Once you fill the stamps with a little ink, you can easily get 50+ stamped images from it. When it starts to run out, just add more ink. These are great for small children too, because they were a lot cleaner than having them mess with a stamp pad that would get ink all over their hands.


I wanted to share some of my favorite things with the kids at the party. When I was little my mom had her stash of craft supplies, and us kids had our own separate stuff. I remember feeling like I won the lottery any time my mom would let me use her ribbons, paints, stamps or anything that was normally off limits. I let loose for this party and put out glitter, paper, stamps, ribbon, and more. I expected my house to be a mess with all this crafty goodness open to little hands, but that’s what made it more fun.DSC_3220

I covered each table with white butcher paper. I bought a roll of this a year ago and LOVE it. It’s the best tablecloth for craft projects and kids parties. (I also pull it out sometimes for the kids to color huge pictures on. They think it’s awesome.) I glued hearts along the center of the paper to make a table runner. The best part of it all, when the party was over, I just gathered it all up and threw it in the trash. Heaven sent with all that glitter, confetti and glue the kids were using. DSC_3228 DSC_3259

They loved having free rein on spoonfuls of confetti and glitter, using all the sparkly ribbon and pretty tape they wanted. They glued on hearts all over and let their creative juices flow freely. I love giving kids an open ended project without them having to make a craft that looks just like a sample shown. It is so fun to see how their minds work and the things they come up with.DSC_3274

With 18 kids at the party, I planned on glitter spilling. I think my kids were the only ones that did spill it. Figures. Haha! I love this shot of my little girl’s feet covered in glitter. I’m telling you, that sparkly stuff was everywhere. Good thing I gave each kid a tiny container of it and didn’t put out bowls full of it like originally planned. I think that would be really pretty on the tables with older kids, but with some one and two-year-olds, I tried to play it safe.

Valentine Party craft table

I love this shot of the table during the party with those little hands creating. This is just what I pictured when I planned the party, and I’m so happy with how it turned out. I hope you feel inspired to get a little messy with some Valentine crafts this year.

You can find all the cut and stamp files used at the party in the links below.

Black and White Tribal Party


These two wild boys are really into a show they discovered on Netflix called “Yakari.” It’s about a Sioux Native American boy named Yakari, that has a gift that allows him to communicate with animals. My kids think he is the coolest. They are obsessed with animals and the fact that Yakari not only rides a horse, but also talks to animals, makes him the greatest person in the world. A tribal party seemed like a good pick for their fourth birthday. Don’t you think?tribal party invitation

As I was drawing all the animals they checked several times to make sure I included “Great Eagle” and some other animals from the show. All designs were approved by them. I’m pretty sure they run the show around here. :)

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My mother-in-law makes these amazing cakes for all the grandkids every year. This was the first year we had a friend party instead of a family one. She lives a few hours away, so she didn’t make their cake this year. I completely forgot to order one until the day before the party. Oops! That night I whipped up a few plastic cake toppers using my Silhouette Cameo and shrink film. It’s becoming my new favorite stuff to cut. You can check out my tutorial for cutting shrink film to see how you can make your own cake toppers.

I created this simple banner using my Silhouette and the print and cut feature. If you don’t already print and cut party decorations or other projects, you must start. It saves so much time!!! DSC_2830Their birthday is a few days before Christmas. We threw the party two weeks after when things weren’t quite so busy. I took the Christmas decorations off our trees and strung some banners on them as party decorations.

Party Favors


All of the party favors were given out as prizes for the different games we played at the party. I love the simplicity of these two games.


The memory/matching game has 12 pieces total. Six different animals to match. I used Silhouette’s Temporary Tattoo Paper to transfer the icons to the wood discs. I applied them the same way would to your skin. When they were dry, I sprayed them with a matte sealer. I don’t know how well it will actually protect them, but so far, so good. We have played this game probably 100 times or more, and they still look like new. I’m calling that a win.DSC_2641DSC_2984

This tic-tac-toe game was so EASY to make. Seriously. Fastest party favor I have ever made. I used a sharpie to draw the tic-tac-toe board on a cotton drawstring bag (similar bag found here). Then I filled each bag with 5 arrowheads and 5 rocks. That’s it! Piece of cake, right?DSC_3051

I made feathered headbands ahead of time for each guest to wear. I painted white feathers with some black acrylic craft paint and let them dry. Then I just taped them to the inside of the headband. I love how they turned out.

Another simple prize that was given out were these candy arrows. I filled some plastic tubes with Sixlets, then used glue dots to adhere the paper arrowhead and feather to each end.

For one of the activities we made pinch pots. This party was for a bunch of 3 and 4-year-olds. They did surprisingly well at this. We went through each step of creating the pot together, then they used toothpicks to make designs on their pots. I used this homemade clay recipe and it worked out great. DSC_3013

You can find all the cut files for this party in my Silhouette portfolio or by clicking on the images below.

3D Apple Gift Box Tutorial

apple 3D box

Summer is ending very shortly if it hasn’t already for your kids and they’re heading back to school. Hooray! This apple gift box would be great to fill with treats or supplies for your child’s teacher. You could also fill it with some fun surprises for your child as a little gift on their first day of school. After they open it up, use the apple on your mantle in your fall decor.

How to make a 3D Apple Gift Box

Supplies Needed

(This tutorial contains affiliate links, but only to products I personally use and love!)

apple box tutorial 1

Step 1: Cut out all of your pieces using your Silhouette.

Step 2: Fold along all the dotted lines to create the creases for all the edges.

Step 3: Glue the bottom sections of one of the apple side pieces to create a curved, bowl-shaped bottom. While creating the box, we will be using the Tombow Mono Liquid Glue to adhere all the sides together. This is my favorite adhesive for 3D projects. It has a strong hold and dries quickly.

Step 4: Glue the bottom piece to the bottom-side section you previously glued.apple box tutorial 2

Step 5: Glue the bottom sections of the other side piece to create a curved, bowl-shaped bottom.

Step 6: Glue the two side pieces together making sure to adhere it to the bottom piece.

Step 7: Glue all the top sections together to complete the box of the apple.

Step 8: Your box should look like this.
apple box tutorial 3

Step 9: Now we will make the lid. Glue the sections of the lid together using the liquid glue.

Step 10: You have now completed the box and the lid base. Your apple should look like this.

Step 11: Roll the brown strip of paper and glue the end to hold the rolled shape.

Step 12: Fold the leaf in half.

apple box tutorial 4

Step 13: Bend the bottom of the leaf down.

Step 14: Glue the bottom of the leaf to the stem.

Step 15: Using your glue gun, adhere the stem to the center of the lid. Let cool.

Step 16: Bend the leaf back down and make any tweaks to get the look you want. Fill the box with goodies and close by placing the lid on top.

This same tutorial can be used to create my Pineapple and Coconut boxes too. Just make a few minor adjustments for the tops.

Tropical Paradise

tropical cupcakes

Back in May I was invited to attend the Silhouette Summit in Hawaii that Silhouette hosted to debut their new products coming out this year. It was so fun, obviously, and I came back so rejuvenated and inspired by all the beauty those islands hold. I apparently came back on Hawaiian time, because it took me a few months to get back into the swing of things and create these tropical paradise designs. Haha!

pineapple and coconut box

Pineapple and Coconut Boxes

The pineapple and coconut box are fun to use as decor for a luau, to hold utensils and treats, or to use as gift box containing a party favor. You can find some simple instructions for assembling the boxes on Amanda Coleman’s blog, or more detailed step-by-step instructions using my 3D apple tutorial that is very similar to these shapes.
pineapple box top crop tropical cupcake wrappers

Cupcake Wrappers

One of the reasons I love cupcake wrappers so much is they can dress up any cupcake. I am not a baker and don’t have the talent of making beautifully frosted cupcakes. I can swirl on some white frosting and add some sprinkles though. With the addition of the cupcake wrappers and toppers, they look professional and almost make it look like I know what I’m doing. ;) Plus, my dessert now coordinates with the rest of my party which is always a good thing.

Find all the cupcake wrappers in the Silhouette Design Store.
Coconut Drink | Flamingo | Pineapple | Snorkel

tropical treat boxes

Treat Boxes

I love the simplicity of the sour cream pouch style treat box. They are so easy to make and are the perfect size for a party favor.

Find all the treat boxes in the Silhouette Design Store.
Hibiscus | Pineapple | Flamingo | Palm Tree

tropical treat boxes copy

tropical gift cards

Gift Card Envelopes

Gift cards can be the best gifts. I know I’m a personal fan of them. Some feel they aren’t personal enough. Dress them up in one of these gift card envelopes and problem solved. Who wouldn’t love to receive some money in these adorable tropical envelopes?

Find all the gift card envelopes in the Silhouette Design Store.
Pineapple | Flamingo | Hibiscus | Snorkel | Palm Tree

Tropical Gift Card

flamingo gift card 2

Here’s another look at the gift card envelopes. The card slides in to complete the image through the cut-out piece on the envelopes. Fun, right? You can write a little a message on the card, then slip it in the envelope with the gift card. So simple, but such a thoughtful touch.palm tree gift card 2

Host a Luau this summer and I know all your guests will enjoy these fun tropical designs too.

3D Flower Tutorial

3D flower

New in the Silhouette store is this easy 3D flower. You can use it in a bouquet for home or party decor. It’s also a great embellishment for cards and scrapbooks. Make it out of fabric or felt and use it for a hair accessory. Follow this easy 3D flower tutorial below to make your own.

3D flower tutorial 1

Cut out 14 pink 1 1/2″ circles, 1 pink 1″ circle and 1 yellow strip measuring 1/4″x8.5″. Cut a slit to the center of each 1 1/2″ circle. Glue 1/4″ of either side of the slit on top of each other to add dimension to each petal. 3D flower tutorial 2

Using the 1″ circle as a base, begin gluing petals around the edges with the slits toward the base. For this flower I glued 5 flowers on the base and 5 on the second layer. The third layer has has three petals. The remaining petal is used on top for the center of the flower.

3D flower tutorial 3

Curl the yellow strip by wrapping it around a pencil. Glue the two ends together. Adjust the curls until it looks the way you want it. Glue the yellow, curled strip to the center of the flower.

FREE Download | Bubblegum Machine

bubblegum reading download

I have a free download for you today as promised. Keep your kids reading through the summer with this fun poem and a bag of bubblegum. This would also be a great gift to new students for the upcoming school year.  The free download is available as a .pdf to print out, and an .svg to cut out the bubblegum machine with your digital cutting machine. If you have a Silhouette you need to have the Designer Edition software to import. There is a promotion going on for 40% off Silhouette Studio Designer Edition using coupon code ROBISON at checkout.


Box Tutorial | Silhouette Promotion

diy pineapple box

You all know that I love hosting little parties and party favors/boxes are one of my favorite things to design. I am going to show you how to turn your simple Silhouette shapes into a box using Silhouette Studio Designer Edition.

Before we get to the tutorial, let’s talk about the current Silhouette Promotion that starts today. This is a fabulous promotion and every one should take advantage. The Silhouette Studio Designer Edition gives you more freedom to create your own designs to cut with the Silhouette. You can also import .svg cut files you find online to build your library. All of the free designs I offer on my blog are in .svg format so you can cut them with your Silhouette, but you must have the designer edition to do so. You can get it for 40% off this week, using promo code ROBISON. I’ll be posting a free cut file for you later this week and you can find all my free downloads in the right column of the blog.


Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition contains all the same functionality as Silhouette Studio® plus the following designer features:

  • Ability to open, manipulate, and cut .svg files
  • Rhinestone tools to convert designs into rhinestone templates and create your own rhinestone designs
  • Sketch tools to convert designs into several styles of sketchable art
  • Creative knife tools to allow you to clip designs using different patterns
  • Enhanced eraser set to modify designs with more precision
  • Built-in ruler and guide lines for precise alignment and drawing
  • Layers support (including ability to cut by layer)
  • PDF import
  • Nesting feature to allow you to arrange cuts as efficiently as possible—a scrapper’s dream!
  • Shadow tool—allows you to add a drop shadow to printable designs

Let’s get started turning your designs into 3D boxes using your Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition software. Continue reading

Customize Spring Bouquet Print and Cut Files

bouquet color change

Not all of my print and cut files can be edited, but these spring bouquets can! This means you can change the colors or rearrange the flower bouquets to create a unique design that works perfect for your scrapbook pages, cards, gifts or events. Follow the simple steps in this tutorial to create your new designs.

Print and Cut Designs Used: Spring Bouquet | Banner

Font: Janda Stylish Script

Spring Bouquets

spring bouquet collage1

New in the Silhouette store this week are these print and cut spring bouquets along with individual cut files for each flower. I’ll be sharing some ideas of ways to use them this week to embellish and create your own designs.

The first way I used them was on these signs I made for a wedding reception. I used the different bouquets to embellish the signs which made each one unique, but also kept them coordinating. You can follow the same designing through to party favors, table numbers, thank you cards, etc.

Wedding names


Sweet Treats

Check back to see other ways to use and customize all these coordinating spring bouquets. You can find them all in the Silhouette Online Store.

Tea Party Pattern Paper | Part 2

This is the last of the Tea Party Collection and it’s now available in the Silhouette Online Store. It is the second half of the Tea Party Pattern Papers and coordinates with many other Tea Party die cuts in the store. You can visit the links below or check out my Instagram for fun ways to use all the designs.

tea party sample 2 BLOG

Click on the links below to see how I used it for a Tea Party.

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Tea Party Pattern Paper

Tea Party | Decorations

Tea Party - Amy Robison

This is the last post of the Tea Party and we’re going out with a bang! I’m giving you a closer look at all the decorations for the party. Before I do, I had to show you these butterfly fans we used to cool ourselves down. The girls were so cute watching the little breezes they created blow around their hair.

Tea Party - Amy Robison

I sewed together teacups and teapots to make a garland that welcomed the guests as they walked in. All the pattern paper used on the decorations will be available in the Silhouette Online Store next week, so keep your eye out.

For the centerpiece I used a teapot and filled it with tissue paper flowers and 3D roses. You can find the tutorial for making the roses here.

Tea Party - Amy Robison

I cut out a bunch of butterflies in a variety of sizes and stapled some going up the tree trunk, and the rest I taped to vintage doors that were hinged together to make a backdrop.

Tea Party - Amy Robison


The girls loved posing in their pearls and dresses for photos. I loved taking a million pictures of their adorable little faces.

Tea Party - Amy Robison

Tea Party - Amy Robison

Tea Party - Amy Robison

Tea Party - Amy Robison

This little one was too excited to go swimming, that she was already in the pool by the time we took pictures in the photo booth. I did get this cute one of her showing off her necklace though. Notice the pink gum I mentioned she was thrilled to receive in her tea bag. I hope you have enjoyed this fun Tea Party as much as I have loved sharing it with all of you.

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Tea Party | Place Setting

Tea Party - Amy Robison

Everything came together so well with this party, but I think one of my top favorites is the place setting. It was simple to put together and the color and little detail brought a lot to the table.

Tea Party - Amy Robison

I used a little tea bag connected to a butterfly as the place cards. The tea bag sat in the cup while the butterfly perched on the edge with each guests name. Inside each tea bag was a small pack of pink gum to freshen our breath after lunch. My two-year-old niece could have gone home happy after opening that. She couldn’t stop talking about how great it was that she had her own pack of gum. I love children! It’s always the little things that delight them.

Tea Party - Amy Robison


Our menu consisted of all pink finger foods. I ordered the pink bread for the egg salad sandwiches from my local grocery store. I should have specified that I wanted a soft pink, because I felt the color was a little too bright. The girls didn’t seem to mind. The more pink the better!

Tea Party - Amy Robison

I had two different kinds of cupcake wrappers. The first had a butterfly with wings that popped out. The second had a handle to hold as if the cupcake wrapper were a teacup. I accented the pop-out pieces with gold glitter to add some sparkle. The girls thought it was so funny to raise their cupcakes up by the tiny handle, and touch them together to “cheers”.

Tea Party - Amy Robison

The cupcakes were delicious, or maybe it was just the frosting. There were a few cupcakes left on the table with all the frosting licked clean off. Kids really are the best!

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button_connectdesigner04 BLOG

You can find all the details on my post here. Trust me, you don’t want to pass this up.

Tea Party | 3D Rose Tutorial

Tea Party - Amy Robison

The party favors at our tea party also doubled as a craft. Inside each of these white jewelry boxes topped with a rose and butterfly, was a bag of pearl beads and clear elastic cord. We strung pearl necklaces to wear with our pretty dresses during our party. The range in ages was 2 – 6 years old. This was an activity all the girls could do and enjoyed.

Tea Party - Amy Robison

Tea Party - Amy Robison

The 3D Rose is such a simple flower to make and can be used and embellished in a variety of ways for different looks. Check out the tutorial below for instructions.

3D rose tutorial

Supplies Needed:


  1. Cut out the 3D rose die cut using your digital cutting machine.
  2. Starting at the outside of the scallop spiral, roll the paper towards the center.
  3. Let go of the tight roll and watch it loosely fall into shape of the flower.
  4. Lift up the top of the flower and place some hot glue on the base (center of the spiral.)
  5. Press the top of the flower onto the base, quickly making any final adjustments to the petals before the glue sets.
  6. Cut a small square of tissue paper. Pinch it together in the center and glue in the middle of your 3D flower.

As you can see on the boxes above, I also used tiny strings of pearls in the center of the flower in addition to tissue paper. I topped them with tiny butterflies and embellished with ribbon and more tissue paper. For the flowers in the teapot centerpiece, I glued floral wire to the base (step 4) so I could stick it into the styrofoam with the other tissue flowers.

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St. Patrick’s Day Treat Bag Toppers

St. Patrick's Day treat bags BLOG

St. Patrick’s Day is Monday and these treat bag toppers are perfect for those last minute gift ideas. Give them to friends or leave them as a gift from a leprechaun for your children. They are print and cut files to save you even more time! As with most of my little treat bags, I used these plastic bags. They are the perfect size for little treats and storing small die cuts. I use them all the time.

Right now Silhouette has all their designs in the online store 50% OFF! This is a great time to build up your collection and get those St. Patrick’s Day designs you’ve be eying. I’ll be submitting a darling Tea Party line that will be available next week, so keep your eyes peeled and check back here to see how I used all the die cuts and patterns.

You can find all gold treat box die cuts in my Silhouette portfolio.
Shamrock Bag Toppers | St. Patrick’s Day Toppers

FREE Download | Rainbow Kids Craft Tutorial

rainbow tutorial BLOG

I have a fun kids craft for you today. This is one I remember doing when I was little and thought it was the coolest thing. The steps are easy, and depending on the size of rainbow you print, this will keep your kids busy for a little while.

Supplies Needed:

  • Rainbow Card | Free Download
  • Tissue Paper in a rainbow assortment of colors, cut into 1.5″ squares
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Cotton Balls
  • Gold Candy (optional)


  1. Download and print the rainbow card. (The sample above is using the size that prints 4 to a page.) Cut tissue paper into 1.5″ squares
  2. Wrap a square of tissue paper around the eraser of a pencil.
  3. Lightly dip the end of the tissue paper into the glue.
  4. Press the tissue paper onto the rainbow card.
  5. Continue to add tissue paper along side the previous one going by colors and following in order of rows.
  6. Glue cotton balls or candy to the ends of the rainbow.

You can also use the rainbow cards with other media. Try coloring, painting or glueing colored candies to it. For Silhouette users, you can import the .svg file using the Designer Edition (currently on sale) and cut out all the pieces in different colors to be glued together. There are a variety of fun ways to decorate your rainbows while spending time the kiddos. How are you going to use the rainbow cards?