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Classmate Valentines

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I wanted to give you all a closer look at some of the Valentines for kids with some tips and tricks. Like I said before, I picked up just about everything at the dollar store.

Have a Ball this Valentine’s Day!

These ping pong balls had 12 in the package for $1. I pulled the hearts from the tag and using Temporary Tattoo Paper decorated the ping pong balls to coordinate with the tags. It was so fast and easy, I think I’ll try it out on more surfaces with future projects. Just follow the instructions on the back of the package.

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Love is in the Air + Don’t Burst my Bubble

My little boys think balloons and bubbles are the coolest thing ever right now. I made these next two Valentines specifically with them in mind. You can tie a balloon to the tag for kids taking them to school, or inflate them and give them to family and friends at home.

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Valentines for Kids

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New Valentines for kids are up in the Silhouette store today. All the cards are print and cut files and the toys are from the dollar store. That means cheap and easy Valentines for your kids to give to their friends and classmates. I’ll be featuring all these valentines on my blog this week with some tips and tricks to help you out.

1. Whoopee Cushion | 2. Ball | 3. Balloon
4. Treasure Box | 5. Flute | 6. Bubbles
7. Rock Candy | 8. Ruler | 9. Sucker
10. Pencil | 11. Glasses | 12. Bracelet/Crayons

Christmas Roundup

christmas roundup


Christmas is less than a week away. Here is a little Christmas roundup of quick and easy gifts that are perfect for neighbors, classmates and friends.

  1. Santa | Snowman | Reindeer
  2. Snowman | Reindeer | Santa
  3. Merry Kiss-mas! stickers
  4. Santa-tizer
  5. Don’t Open Until Christmas | Pinecone and bough | Wreath
  6. Christmas Tree Advent Calendar
  7. Lace-up Stocking Pocket

Easter Roundup

easter roundup

Easter Lace-up Cards

Lace up a bunny, chick and egg for a great activity that will keep the little ones busy. A perfect activity for home or in the classroom.

Truffle Box

This truffle box is perfect for delivering tasty treats to friends or party guests. It is part of the Easter Soirée collection and comes complete with egg wrappers, banners, truffle boxes and more.

Egg Wrappers

Another addition to the Easter Soirée collection. The egg wrapper files come with three different sizes of each design. Use for eggs, mini cupcakes and regular cupcakes.

Egg Wrappers: Loop | Easter | Dot | Flower

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