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10 Easy Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

10 ways to decorate easter eggs titleToday I am sharing my first contributor post over on Love the Day blog. I am talking all about my annual Amy’s Eggstravaganza party I host, and giving the details on how you can host your own. It is such a fun party and great for a girls’ night out. To go along with the Easter party I posted over there, I wanted to share 10 easy ways to decorate Easter eggs.

I love finding new ways to decorate Easter eggs. Those little eggs make the perfect blank canvas to try out various techniques and styles. I made a list of 10 easy ways to decorate Easter eggs that have very minimal prep and clean up. Except for the glitter one. Glitter gets everywhere no matter what you do to prevent it, but I don’t care. I love to use glitter anyway.

The plastic eggs that look and feel real are my favorite. They make it so much easier to decorate, especially with young kids. They don’t take any prep and have become more popular over the last few years, so they are much easier to find in stores. I used the plastic eggs in all the samples below.

easter egg pinataPinata

The piñata egg is such a fun way to decorate eggs and give them a new spin. Cut a small hole in the egg and stuff with candy. Cut tissue paper into small strips, snipping at the end to create fringe. Glue each strip around the egg placing each layer slightly above the last. Cover the hole on the egg as you wrap it with rows of tissue paper fringe. Hand them out to friends or hide in an Easter egg hunt and let the recipient poke around to find the hole and get their prize.


Use Mod Podge to cover the area of the egg you would like to cover in glitter. Try painting on designs with the Mod Podge then dipping in glitter. Your designs will have everyone loving the way they sparkle.

unicorn easter eggTattoo

Wether you buy temporary tattoos at the store, or print your own on tattoo paper, everyone will love how easy it is to decorate their eggs. Tattoos are a great way of adding words or pictures that are too difficult to paint or draw by hand. You could even print someone’s face onto tattoo paper and put that on an egg. Wouldn’t that be a fun place card for a kids Easter dinner?


I am obsessed with Martha Stewarts gold paint that is shown in these photos. But I have to say, I love her gold liquid gilding even more. It is the most beautiful gold paint you will ever see. I bring it every year to my Easter egg decorating party and it’s always a hit. I talk more about it over here.

butterfly sticker easter eggStickers and/or Vinyl

You can use stickers to decorate eggs by simply placing them on the egg and calling it good, or you can get a little more creative with them like I did here. I used them like I would vinyl to make a stencil. Don’t get too caught up in just the positive images, use the negative shape left behind to create shapes on your egg that way too.


Yarn, a hot glue gun and scissors is the only thing you need to make these adorable eggs. Use the hot glue to adhere the yarn to the egg as you wrap it row by row in one continuous spiral until the entire egg is covered. Get crazy and change colors as you go.

marker easter and dot eggsMarkers

Grab markers in different color and tip sizes and get to work. You can write names, illustrate pictures and create patterns. It’s such a basic tool that can create so many beautiful results.

easter egg dioramasDiorama

I know the look and feel of these don’t flow as nicely with the style of the other eggs, but how stinkin’ cute are these eggs with a little bunny and chick sticking out? I had to include them. Kids would especially love to create these ones. The plastic eggs work the best for these, and I made the hole by poking the egg with my scissors then cutting an opening. The bunny and chick were found in the Easter sections at craft stores. Such an easy craft that will have your little ones busy playing with after it’s made.

marbled easter eggs with nailpolishMarble

These eggs are probably my favorite. I made them by dripping nail polish in hot water, then dipping my eggs in the water. There are so many tutorials for how to do this on Pinterest. I found one for you to use so you can get more details. It is such a cool process to watch and it dries pretty quick. After I marbled my eggs, I brushed them lightly with that Martha Stewart gold liquid gilding I was telling you about earlier.

Glow in the Dark

Last year I made glow-in-dark eggs and had a glow in the dark egg hunt. My kids had a blast. I used glow-in-the-dark paint as the base for each egg, then added polka dots in various colors on top. We charged them up with flashlights, then I would quickly hide them in the other room. When I was finished we would turn off the lights and the kids would gather the eggs as quick as they could while the eggs were still glowing. We played the game several times before I could convince them to stop because I was sick of hiding eggs. Haha

Don’t forget to head over to Love the Day and get all the details for hosting your own Easter egg decorating party. You’ll be glad you did.

Easter Egg Cupcake Bar

Have you used the plastic Easter eggs that look and feel like real ones yet? They are my favorite Easter product since I discovered them a few years ago. This time, I decided to use them for something other than an activity with my kids to decorate eggs. This little Easter egg cupcake bar is so fun and festive.

easter egg sprinkles and cupcakes
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I cut off the top using an old steak knife. I’m sure a craft knife would work too. Then I cut a little notch so I could tear along the edge and give it more of a natural broken shell look.

I placed all the eggs in a ceramic egg container (or an egg carton would work well too,) and filled with different sprinkles. Each egg held a little spoon to scoop out the sprinkles and decorate your cupcakes with.

easter egg carton with sprinkles

Just remember, if you frost your cupcakes ahead of time, the sprinkles will have a hard time sticking to the frosting. Have a little bag of icing for each guest to frost their own and then add the sprinkles right after. This was such a simple activity to get ready and would look great at any Easter party.


How to Watercolor Sugar Cookies

Sometimes I get these crazy ideas and wonder how in the world I’m going to pull it off and if it will even work. Having a party to watercolor sugar cookies is one of those. My kids love to decorate cookies, but I wanted to come up with a new way they haven’t tried before to keep their attention. New activities always keep them busy longer.

decorating easter egg sugar cookies

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How to Watercolor Sugar Cookies

I baked a batch of sugar cookies and frosted them with white royal icing. I made them the day before so that the icing would have plenty of time to dry and would have a smooth, firm surface for painting. This was only the second time I have tried frosting cookies with royal icing. I am not an expert by any means, but doing plain white cookies is much easier than making designs with frosting. Plus, these cookies were for a kids party and they were just going to paint and color on them, so I wasn’t too worried about flawlessly frosted cookies.
easter egg sugar cookies table

Supplies + Tips

I ordered paint brushes and tiny palettes so that each person could have their own set of edible paints, and lost the palettes. Ugh! If you plan on doing this activity with several people and are responsible enough not to lose the palettes ahead of time, (haha!) I highly recommend them. They are the perfect size.  I ended up using these little egg dishes, which I love, so all wasn’t lost. The kids were good about sharing them. I ended up adding a small spoonful of water to each color at the party. It helped the watercolors go on so much smoother and brighter. There are recipes for liquid watercolors for cookies, but I was worried about the kids spilling those so I made the solid ones. Little did I know I would be pouring water in the solid ones and creating the same risk anyway. You learn as you go.

painting easter eggs party

I also had a pack of food-safe markers for the kids to use on the cookies. They worked so well. I thought they might dig into the frosting when the kids pressed on them while coloring, but they didn’t. I was pleasantly surprised.

coloring sugar cookies

Decorating the Table

I used white butcher paper to cover the table and drew a bunch of eggs with a black marker. My kids were the art directors for this part and told me which patterns or shapes to draw on each egg. They love being involved with the setup of parties. After the kids decorated their cookies, they could use the watercolors to paint the eggs on the table cloth. Because they might get a little carried away with the watercolors, I placed a cheap, plastic tablecloth underneath the butcher to protect my table incase the water soaked through.
watercolor easter egg sugar cookies party

The centerpiece of the table was a tin tray filled with plastic eggs they could decorate. The kids were too busy watercoloring the sugar cookies and tablecloth, they never made it to the eggs. It still made for a fun and very easy centerpiece.

colored eggs sugar cookies

edible watercolor sugar cookies

Everyone was so proud of their cookie masterpieces and loved exploring a new way to decorate them. This party was a success and involved kids ages 1-4. I would love to see what older children could create while watercoloring sugar cookies. I think they could whip up some really pretty and fun designs. If you’re looking for a fun activity this Easter, give this one a try. You’ll love it!

Paper Easter Basket

easter flower basket crop

There is something so simple and soothing about the color white. I love how it softens everything up and adds so much light. I did a lot of white on white with this paper Easter basket and love how it makes the peach flower pop even more. Just think how beautifully it would show off a basket full of colored Easter eggs. Wouldn’t it make the perfect gift bag for a friend this spring?easter flower basket detail crop Easter flower basket side crop

All of these die cuts are available in the Silhouette design store and you can find a tutorial to make the flower here.

Easter Basket | 3D Flower + Tutorial | Tiny Blossoms | Spring Leaves | Spring Twigs

3D Flower Tutorial

3D flower

New in the Silhouette store is this easy 3D flower. You can use it in a bouquet for home or party decor. It’s also a great embellishment for cards and scrapbooks. Make it out of fabric or felt and use it for a hair accessory. Follow this easy 3D flower tutorial below to make your own.

3D flower tutorial 1

Cut out 14 pink 1 1/2″ circles, 1 pink 1″ circle and 1 yellow strip measuring 1/4″x8.5″. Cut a slit to the center of each 1 1/2″ circle. Glue 1/4″ of either side of the slit on top of each other to add dimension to each petal. 3D flower tutorial 2

Using the 1″ circle as a base, begin gluing petals around the edges with the slits toward the base. For this flower I glued 5 flowers on the base and 5 on the second layer. The third layer has has three petals. The remaining petal is used on top for the center of the flower.

3D flower tutorial 3

Curl the yellow strip by wrapping it around a pencil. Glue the two ends together. Adjust the curls until it looks the way you want it. Glue the yellow, curled strip to the center of the flower.

Carrot Easter Eggs and Treasure Hunt

carrot easter eggs

carrot egg

carrot egg carton

My last Easter craft is turning these little plastic eggs into carrots. I painted the eggs using acrylic craft paint and then used a sharp knife to cut a hole in the top. You can fill the eggs with confetti or candy. To plug the hole, I used some green fringed tissue paper.

Another fun way to use the carrot eggs would be as a treasure hunt from the Easter Bunny. Your children can follow the carrot clues around the house left by the Easter Bunny to their baskets. Simple and the kids will love the added holiday fun. Just use your fringe scissors to cut the grass cards, write a clue and stick them in the eggs.

carrot treasure hunt clue

carrot treasure clue 1

carrot clue 2

Have a wonderful Easter!

Click on the links below to see the other Easter Egg crafts.
Easter Eggs
Easter Egg Kit

Easter Egg Kit

easter egg kit

Have you decorated your Easter eggs yet? Here’s a little kit you can put together for the occasion. Fill small egg cartons with different art media to decorate your eggs and a little treat to munch on. I included a mini paint set, glitter, glitter glue, rhinestones and washi tape along with the best Easter candy ever, Cadbury Mini Eggs.

easter kit BLOG

You could also include markers, crayons, temporary tattoos and more. What would you put in your egg decorating kit?

Easter Eggs

painted eggs tall BLOG

plastic eggs BLOG

I found these adorable egg cartons and had to have them. They are great for party favors and little gifts. I picked up some plastic decorating eggs at Walmart and knew they would be a perfect match for the egg cartons. They have a slight texture to them like that of a chalkboard that makes them look very real. The texture of the plastic also makes it easy to paint and decorate with other media. The eggs are hollow though, so they will float if you try to dunk them in dye to color. Because they can’t break like real eggs, these work well when crafting with kids. And bonus, you don’t have to store your pretty eggs in the fridge, you can display them through the Easter season. They are pretty much perfect, although I would love if they made another version that you could fill with candy. That would make them ideal.

To decorate the eggs above, I used acrylic craft paint and Mod Podge with glitter. I painted some to look as though they had been half-dipped and others I painted the entire egg. I think these would also look cute strung together to make a garland. You can easily poke holes in the tops of the eggs with a piercing tool to string the eggs together.

Stick around this week as I show some other fun ways to use these plastic eggs and cartons for Easter gifts and party ideas.


cousins in easter masks

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. We spent Easter at my parents’ house with all the cousins. My mom bought all the grandkids these bunny masks. They kind of look a little creepy in this group shot, but the kids thought they were hilarious. My boys didn’t learn to love them until later this week. Now they run around the house with the masks on giggling at each other.

mason egg hunt

Mason and Jax even got the hang of the Easter egg hunt. They loved it a lot more when they realized the eggs were filled with candy. These little guys make holidays so much more fun.

jax egg hunt

Wild man Jax was playing in some water before the hunt and soaked his pants. He didn’t seem to mind not wearing them one bit.bottoms up

The weather was absolutely perfect today. I put off some design work and we played outside when dad got home. It’s almost impossible to keep up with these little guys when they’re loose outside. It is much easier when there is one adult to every kid. Afternoons outside are usually spent on a walk with these two strapped down in a stroller. springJax found a stick and never put it down. He would zip by us with a proud look on his face. Going from the patio to grass makes Mason a little nervous. It is the cutest thing to watch him carefully step onto the grass and then take off running again. I’m excited for this warm weather and the fun nights outside that come with it.

Easter Roundup

easter roundup

Easter Lace-up Cards

Lace up a bunny, chick and egg for a great activity that will keep the little ones busy. A perfect activity for home or in the classroom.

Truffle Box

This truffle box is perfect for delivering tasty treats to friends or party guests. It is part of the Easter Soirée collection and comes complete with egg wrappers, banners, truffle boxes and more.

Egg Wrappers

Another addition to the Easter Soirée collection. The egg wrapper files come with three different sizes of each design. Use for eggs, mini cupcakes and regular cupcakes.

Egg Wrappers: Loop | Easter | Dot | Flower

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Easter Basket Instructions

woven easter basket

Weaving Easter baskets is a fun craft you can enjoy with the whole family. Create these Easter baskets and fill with treats or small toys. I found these Bunny Grahams at the grocery store and knew they’d be perfect for my little boys to snack on. Hide the baskets in an Easter egg hunt, give them as a party favor or use them to decorate your home.

easter basket instructions

Easter BasketPolka Dot Paper

Easter Bunny Picks

bunny picks

Top treats and desserts with this bunny pick at your Easter celebrations. Use in powdered donuts, cupcakes or any Easter treat. Wouldn’t these bunny picks be so adorable in a carrot cake? I think they would also look cute in a pot of wheat grass. With only two different colors and very few pieces, these bunny picks can be whipped up at the last minute for your Easter party.

bunny food pick