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Cactus and Llama Party

cactus and llama party

I am so excited to show you this cactus and llama party today. It all started with my free design of the cactus cupcake toppers over on Silhouette this week. I couldn’t just leave it as a single cactus design. I don’t know why, but it drove me crazy. So I worked some crazy hours designing a full party this week. I’m so glad I did! The colors and llamas make this the happiest party I’ve ever done. How can you not smile when you see llamas? tall cactus cupcake topper

Cupcake Toppers

Look how cute the cupcakes are placed in terra cotta pots. It’s those small details that go a long way in a party. These would also be great gifts for a friend when someone needs a little pick-me-up or when they just needs a sweet treat. :)

These cactus cupcake toppers are free as part of my artist feature with Silhouette this week. If you haven’t already grabbed it, make sure you do before it ends tomorrow. cactus cupcakes in terra cotta pot

How to Make Cactus Cupcakes

  1. Pipe some vanilla frosting on top of your cupcakes.
  2. Add gold sprinkles to the top.
  3. Cut out the cactus cupcake toppers and insert in the top.
  4. Fill the bottom of your terra cotta pots with some paper to keep the cupcake from falling to the bottom where you won’t be able to see the top.
  5. Place cupcakes in pots.

cactus and llama party yarn basket

Llama Prints

I love the texture and color the basket full of yarn brings to the whole party set up. I added a framed llama print to tie it in with the rest of the table. To make the 5×7 print, I used this pink and teal llama and just added a rectangle behind it. Using the eyedropper tool in Silhouette Studio, you can select and give it the same background color. I think I’ll keep this frame up in my house. Every time my daughter sees the llamas she gets the giggles. Having it out for everyone to see and hearing her laugh sounds like a good idea.

cactus and llama party drinks

Llama Tags

You can easily dress up any drink you are serving with these llama tags. These would also be so cute on party favors or used as gift tags. I made cactus tags also that would look so great mixed in if you had a variety of colored drinks, or even bottles of red or orange soda. cactus and llama party garlands

Tassel and Llama Garlands

My original idea was to make a bunch of yarn tassels and string them up for the garland. The laziness in me won (no surprise there) and there was no way I was going to make that many. I drew some tassels and cut them out with the Silhouette CAMEO. This was sooooo much faster! I just used a little adhesive on the inside and then folded it over the twine. I love the simplicity of it, yet it adds so much color and looks great next to the llama banner.

The detail of the pom poms around each llama makes this banner so much fun. The banner was assembled the same way as the tassel garland. There is a flap at the top that folds over along the perforated line to run your twine through before you glue the flap down.
cactus table close up

All of my designs are 25% off in the Silhouette store through tomorrow. Head over and stock up on all the party designs while the sale is on. Don’t forget to download the free cactus cupcake topper while you’re there.

Black and White Tribal Party


These two wild boys are really into a show they discovered on Netflix called “Yakari.” It’s about a Sioux Native American boy named Yakari, that has a gift that allows him to communicate with animals. My kids think he is the coolest. They are obsessed with animals and the fact that Yakari not only rides a horse, but also talks to animals, makes him the greatest person in the world. A tribal party seemed like a good pick for their fourth birthday. Don’t you think?tribal party invitation

As I was drawing all the animals they checked several times to make sure I included “Great Eagle” and some other animals from the show. All designs were approved by them. I’m pretty sure they run the show around here. :)

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My mother-in-law makes these amazing cakes for all the grandkids every year. This was the first year we had a friend party instead of a family one. She lives a few hours away, so she didn’t make their cake this year. I completely forgot to order one until the day before the party. Oops! That night I whipped up a few plastic cake toppers using my Silhouette Cameo and shrink film. It’s becoming my new favorite stuff to cut. You can check out my tutorial for cutting shrink film to see how you can make your own cake toppers.

I created this simple banner using my Silhouette and the print and cut feature. If you don’t already print and cut party decorations or other projects, you must start. It saves so much time!!! DSC_2830Their birthday is a few days before Christmas. We threw the party two weeks after when things weren’t quite so busy. I took the Christmas decorations off our trees and strung some banners on them as party decorations.

Party Favors


All of the party favors were given out as prizes for the different games we played at the party. I love the simplicity of these two games.


The memory/matching game has 12 pieces total. Six different animals to match. I used Silhouette’s Temporary Tattoo Paper to transfer the icons to the wood discs. I applied them the same way would to your skin. When they were dry, I sprayed them with a matte sealer. I don’t know how well it will actually protect them, but so far, so good. We have played this game probably 100 times or more, and they still look like new. I’m calling that a win.DSC_2641DSC_2984

This tic-tac-toe game was so EASY to make. Seriously. Fastest party favor I have ever made. I used a sharpie to draw the tic-tac-toe board on a cotton drawstring bag (similar bag found here). Then I filled each bag with 5 arrowheads and 5 rocks. That’s it! Piece of cake, right?DSC_3051

I made feathered headbands ahead of time for each guest to wear. I painted white feathers with some black acrylic craft paint and let them dry. Then I just taped them to the inside of the headband. I love how they turned out.

Another simple prize that was given out were these candy arrows. I filled some plastic tubes with Sixlets, then used glue dots to adhere the paper arrowhead and feather to each end.

For one of the activities we made pinch pots. This party was for a bunch of 3 and 4-year-olds. They did surprisingly well at this. We went through each step of creating the pot together, then they used toothpicks to make designs on their pots. I used this homemade clay recipe and it worked out great. DSC_3013

You can find all the cut files for this party in my Silhouette portfolio or by clicking on the images below.

The Fox and the Hound

I have some fun Halloween party designs new in the Silhouette online store that I’ll be showing on my blog next week, but today I had to show you my adorable little fox and hound from Halloween last year. Aren’t they just the cutest!

fox and hound amy robison

I struggled finding a fox and a hound costume that went together, so I decided to make my own. I am far from a seamstress so I cheated my way through it. I bought white sweats and dyed them the colors I needed (since I also couldn’t find any orange and tan sweats.) Then I cut ears, tails, tummies and spots from felt. I love felt because it doesn’t fray so I don’t need to hem anything. I used coordinating embroidery floss to sew the felt pieces to the sweats and I was done. Once I had the fabric dyed and washed, it only took about two hours to cut and sew the pieces on. So fast!

fox and hound amy robison

fox and hound amy robison

fox and hound amy robison

fox and hound amy robison

fox and hound amy robison

My boys would crawl away every chance they got. I finally had the brilliant idea of weighing them down with pumpkins. They couldn’t crawl out and thought the pumpkins were cool. Win!

fox and hound amy robisonMy tired little hound.

fox and hound amy robisonMy hungry fox.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Woodland Party Addition

woodland water bottle labels

I was putting together a little Woodland Party kit and decided to add one last design to complete it. I think this is finally it for additions to the party. I had a request to make cup wrappers. I thought these water bottle labels would be a great solution since they will fit most standard size water bottles. They are so fast and east to create. Print, cut and tape to a water bottle. I chill the water bottles in the fridge before serving. This way the water is served cold and doesn’t need to be placed in a cooler of ice that would make the labels soggy.

Easter Roundup

easter roundup

Easter Lace-up Cards

Lace up a bunny, chick and egg for a great activity that will keep the little ones busy. A perfect activity for home or in the classroom.

Truffle Box

This truffle box is perfect for delivering tasty treats to friends or party guests. It is part of the Easter Soirée collection and comes complete with egg wrappers, banners, truffle boxes and more.

Egg Wrappers

Another addition to the Easter Soirée collection. The egg wrapper files come with three different sizes of each design. Use for eggs, mini cupcakes and regular cupcakes.

Egg Wrappers: Loop | Easter | Dot | Flower

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Woodland Party


I’m so excited to share my new woodland party today! It coordinates perfectly with the woodland animals from this post. This theme would be perfect for birthday parties, baby showers or a summer campout.

*Updated to add woodland cupcake wrappers and water bottle labels*

Woodland Animal Banner

This banner comes as a print and cut for fast and easy assemble. Simply string it through some twine and hang with the woodland garland. It’s a fast and easy way to add a big impact to your party.


Woodland Die Cuts

These die cuts can be used alone to embellish and decorate, or strung together to create a garland. As with all my designs, they are simple and easy to create. Each shape is made up of very few pieces and colors so they can be assembled quickly. Tape them to some twine and you have a lovely garland. Continue reading