cousins in easter masks

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. We spent Easter at my parents’ house with all the cousins. My mom bought all the grandkids these bunny masks. They kind of look a little creepy in this group shot, but the kids thought they were hilarious. My boys didn’t learn to love them until later this week. Now they run around the house with the masks on giggling at each other.

mason egg hunt

Mason and Jax even got the hang of the Easter egg hunt. They loved it a lot more when they realized the eggs were filled with candy. These little guys make holidays so much more fun.

jax egg hunt

Wild man Jax was playing in some water before the hunt and soaked his pants. He didn’t seem to mind not wearing them one bit.bottoms up

The weather was absolutely perfect today. I put off some design work and we played outside when dad got home. It’s almost impossible to keep up with these little guys when they’re loose outside. It is much easier when there is one adult to every kid. Afternoons outside are usually spent on a walk with these two strapped down in a stroller. springJax found a stick and never put it down. He would zip by us with a proud look on his face. Going from the patio to grass makes Mason a little nervous. It is the cutest thing to watch him carefully step onto the grass and then take off running again. I’m excited for this warm weather and the fun nights outside that come with it.