Reese’s Blessing Dress

Reese Blessing 1

This baby of mine is absolutely perfect in every way. I can’t get enough of her sweet smiles and chubby cheeks. She is very happy and content and loves to talk all day. Her brothers smother her with hugs and kisses and she just smiles at them, for the most part. She has brought so much joy into our family and we are all madly in love with her.

Reese Blessing 2

I love this dress with its tiny hand-stitched details yet overall simplicity. It brings the focus to those irresistible cheeks on the sweetest face. One of my favorite things to do is swaddle Reese up tight and just see this round little head poking out. This dress gives the same effect and it’s adorable.

Reese Blessing 10

Reese Blessing 3

Checking out those hands and fingers of hers.

Reese Blessing 4

Reese Blessing 5

I love this fluffy hair. It is so soft and feels like silk. I want to rub my cheeks against it all day, but I try to control myself so I don’t bother her too much. The boys feel the same way and can’t keep their hands off of it either. I often find little crumbs of goldfish crackers and more from their tiny fingers in her hair.

Reese Blessing 9

My grandma gave her this beautiful bracelet to wear on her special day. It is still a little big so I just put it on for pictures so we wouldn’t lose it. It’s something I hope she treasures forever and always reminds her of how much she is loved, because she truly is.


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