Pirate Party Treasures

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To finish up the Pirate Party posts I have a few party favors and decorations to share with you. I love the simplicity of this treasure chest pocket. The only adhesive that is required is gluing the lock on. The rest of the treasure chest folds and holds together on its own. You can see similar folding instructions here. You can fill with candy treasures, or use as part of the treasure hunt to hold the clues in each place along the way.

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All your pirate guests can dress up with these hats and eye patches. The hats come with two paper bands that you glue to either side of the hat and then staple together at the size needed to sit on each child’s head. Tie on the eye patch using some elastic to stretch around the head and hold in place. To make the hats feminine for all the little girl pirates, I cut the skulls out of glitter wrapping paper and glued them to pink hats and eye patches.

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Add some magic to your party with some flying pixie dust. Print and cut out the label, then attach to a bag of glitter. This is probably best for an outdoor party or as a party favor to send home. :)

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All these die cuts are great for decorating and accenting your pirate party. You can string them together to make a garland similar to this one. The sword can be cut out of chipboard and used to complete their pirate costume. There are a lot of fun ideas that can be done with these die cuts. Let your imagination run wild.

You can find all pirate die cuts in my Silhouette portfolio.
Pirate Flag | Gold Coins | Parrot | Sea Turtle | Sword | Ship

I hope you have enjoyed the pirate party. I would love to see your pirate parties on Instagram. Post your pictures and tag using #amyrobison

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