Pineapple Party Favors

pineapple thanks

We blessed Reese a few weeks ago at church and had our family over afterward for brunch. I kept it much simpler this time than I did when we blessed the boys. Like, a millions times simpler. I had more free time then with two newborns napping, than I do now with two wild toddlers and a newborn.  I decorated the tables with honeycomb balls and pineapples. All the pineapples doubled as a party favor with a “thanks” hanging from it that each family took home. It looked so cheerful and was easy to set up, which made the day even more enjoyable.

pineapple table3

pineapple cookie

My cousin made these adorable cookies to serve and my boys are still talking about them. In fact, Jax had a meltdown today that we didn’t have any of these cookies left. It has been a few weeks and he still remembers them. I’ll admit, I wanted to have a meltdown too that they were gone. Those cookies were absolutely delicious!

We had a beautiful day surrounded by family and it was perfect. I’ll be posting some pictures of my sweet Reese in her blessing dress. I can’t get enough of her smiles and chubby cheeks. As my boys say, “She’s delicious!”