Flower Garden Party

Spring is here and everyone at my house is so excited to finally be seeing this warmer weather and watching everything bloom. It’s such a beautiful time of year.

About a month ago my son picked out a seed planting kit in the Target dollar spot and sparked the whole idea for this party. He carefully planted his seeds and checked on them to make sure they had enough water and sunlight about 50 times a day. All he could talk about was how excited he was to plant the garden and for all the flowers to bloom. He has taken care of our garden the last two years and loves it. After he kept asking if his friends were going to plant any flowers or gardens, we decided to have a garden flower party to share his love of spring and everything blooming with others.

Planting the Seeds

Each child had their own place setting at some picnic tables outside that included empty egg cartons and some illustrated instructions to help them know what to do. In the center of each table I placed a large bucket with potting soil and some shovels to scoop the soil into their egg cartons. There was a variety of seed packets to choose from, so each child could plant what they wanted. I also included some blank circle stickers for the moms to write what was planted and place it on the lid of the egg carton to reflect where each seed was planted.

Once all the seeds were planted, everyone grabbed a watering can and watered the their seeds before drinking the rest. It was so cute watching them be so careful pouring out the water and pretending they were using a real watering can.


The highlight of the whole party was the cupcakes! I found the cutest plastic flower pots with shovel spoons and all the kids were so excited to use them. I thought they were the cutest thing and even bought an extra pack of shovel spoons for some upcoming parties. Aren’t they the cutest spoons you’ve ever seen?

I love the dirt on her nose in this picture. Messy kids always means they had fun.

Party Favors

After we planted our seeds and had cupcakes, the kids played in the backyard for a while and enjoyed the beautiful spring weather. As each guest left they took a party favor, or little seed packets filled with Skittles for the kids, and a paper bag of “tulip bulbs” (Lindt chocolates) for the moms. The moms definitely got the better end of the deal if you ask me. Haha!

I shared some more fun ideas to use at a garden party over at Love the Day blog. Head over and check it out. There is a fun origami flower pot tutorial that would make a fun party favor or invitation.

You can find all the designs used in this party in the Silhouette store or by clicking on the pictures below.

4 thoughts on “Flower Garden Party

  1. LavMtz

    Such a cute party AGAIN! Your so creative and talented! Thank for sharing! You mentioned in your Llamma & Catus Party that you’d be sharing how to create the large image background (decal?)…I see another beautiful flower one here.

    Are you sharing that how to soon?

    1. Amy Robison Post author

      I will be launching my new website in the next month. When I do, I will be uploading all of these large backdrops on there for you to download and print. Thanks for hanging in there! I really appreciate your support and kind comments about all of my parties!

  2. Donna

    This is one of the sweetest posts I think I have ever seen! Wonderful details! Looking forward to your new website. Please keep us posted!

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