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I found these adorable egg cartons and had to have them. They are great for party favors and little gifts. I picked up some plastic decorating eggs at Walmart and knew they would be a perfect match for the egg cartons. They have a slight texture to them like that of a chalkboard that makes them look very real. The texture of the plastic also makes it easy to paint and decorate with other media. The eggs are hollow though, so they will float if you try to dunk them in dye to color. Because they can’t break like real eggs, these work well when crafting with kids. And bonus, you don’t have to store your pretty eggs in the fridge, you can display them through the Easter season. They are pretty much perfect, although I would love if they made another version that you could fill with candy. That would make them ideal.

To decorate the eggs above, I used acrylic craft paint and Mod Podge with glitter. I painted some to look as though they had been half-dipped and others I painted the entire egg. I think these would also look cute strung together to make a garland. You can easily poke holes in the tops of the eggs with a piercing tool to string the eggs together.

Stick around this week as I show some other fun ways to use these plastic eggs and cartons for Easter gifts and party ideas.

2 thoughts on “Easter Eggs

  1. Teresa

    I was wondering where you found the cute 4 egg carton. I have the eggs from Walmart also and cannot wait to see what else you do with them. I’ve wrapped some in jute and then added a piece of lace around the middle with a button.

    1. admin Post author

      Aren’t those egg cartons the cutest! I found them at this Etsy shop. They did take two weeks to ship though. I love them and think I’ll use them again next year. They also had little ones that held 6 eggs. I love your idea for the plastic eggs. It sounds so cute! Thanks for sharing. -Amy

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