DIY Silhouette Handprint Tutorial

hand wreath present

I wanted to add a personal touch from my boys on their grandparents gifts this year. I decided to go with handprint crafts on the gift wrap. Projects like this make me love my Silhouette even more. Rather than tracing and cutting out handprints for wreaths on several gifts, I just traced their hands in Silhouette Studio and cut them without taking up all my spare time. Jax and Mason’s handprints are in separate colors to make them stand out on their own a little more.

The handprint wreath is available in the Silhouette store. You can resize the handprints in the file to match that of your own child, or you can draw your own in Silhouette Studio. Here is a little tutorial I put together to show you how you can trace your own child’s hand in Silhouette Studio to use for handprint crafts too.


Scan and import your handprint images into Silhouette Studio. A high contrast between the paper and artwork is a must. I recommend going over the tracing with a black marker before scanning it.


Open the Trace Window located on the top right tool bar.


Press the “Select Trace Area” in the tracing options window. Then click and drag the area covering the images you’re selecting.


Adjust the trace settings in the right column until the lines you want to cut are highlighted in yellow.


When the tracing options are the way you want them, use your arrow tool to remove the images from the cut lines. You can use the “Edit Points” tool to make any adjustments needed before cutting.

handprint wreath reindeer

Find these handprint crafts in my Silhouette portfolio.

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