DIY Piñata Tutorial

large pinata tutorial BLOG

Last week I shared a tutorial for making piñatas using my 3D pentagon die cut. I mentioned a larger one could be made using individual pentagons like the one here. Today I am going to show you how to create a piñata of any size using simple geometric shapes.

The images are a small scale sample of a piñata. I used 12 pentagon chipboard pieces and washi tape in my sample, but if you’re making one for people to break open with a stick, you’ll want to use cardboard and masking tape. Just remember, you want people to be able to break it open, so don’t get too carried away with your adhesive. haha. I made that mistake my first time and used hot glue to piece it together. It did guarantee a turn for everyone though.

Large Pinata Tutorial Steps BLOG

Once you build your piñata, you can decorate it in a variety of ways. Layer fringe strips of tissue paper using your fringe scissors for a classic piñata look, or cover in glitter and other materials for something more unique.

Click here for a free .svg download of basic shapes including the pentagon used for this piñata.

I’ll see you next week for some fun Father’s Day gift ideas. Have a wonderful weekend!