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I have another fun Valentine party activity today.  I did this with my family several years ago when all my nieces and nephews were little and they loved it. I thought it would work great for my party I’ll be throwing with my friends and their kids. I had each mom send me a picture of their kids, which I also used for the photo banner. I inserted their photos into this Bingo card and printed out 3×3 photos of each kid to use as the drawing cards. Little heart confetti makes perfect markers for the squares.

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I made the Valentine cards a FREE Download. The file contains two different card styles depending on the number of photos you’ll be using. There is a 4×4 and a 5×5 card. Each card comes in .jpg and .png format.

BINGO cards blog

The .jpg format can be imported to your Silhouette Studio software where you can also import your photos, crop them and put them on the squares.

The .png format works well with Photoshop. You just need a basic knowledge of layers and the crop tool in Photoshop to make these cards. You simply crop your photos and place them behind the BINGO card layer aligning them with the squares.

For those without the programs above, you could use different Valentine stamps to fill the squares. It’s not using their pictures, but it can still be personalized by letting each kid stamp their own card.

Download your FREE BINGO cards HERE.

I am having so much fun with all of these Valentine activities and crafts. I’ll be posting more on Monday. Enjoy your weekend!

2 thoughts on “DIY BINGO Cards | FREE Download

  1. Alejandra

    hi Amy
    I loved this bingo card idea. Thanks a lot!
    My great nephew will be born in June so i plan to make this bingo cards with all the family members pics, so his mom can keep some of these cards after the baby shower and later, show him how we all look when hi was about to be born and or make a family album so he can learn who is who and how he is related to all of us!

    1. admin Post author

      What a fun idea to leave the cards with his mom after the shower so he can see and learn all his family names. -Amy

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