Carrot Easter Eggs and Treasure Hunt

carrot easter eggs

carrot egg

carrot egg carton

My last Easter craft is turning these little plastic eggs into carrots. I painted the eggs using acrylic craft paint and then used a sharp knife to cut a hole in the top. You can fill the eggs with confetti or candy. To plug the hole, I used some green fringed tissue paper.

Another fun way to use the carrot eggs would be as a treasure hunt from the Easter Bunny. Your children can follow the carrot clues around the house left by the Easter Bunny to their baskets. Simple and the kids will love the added holiday fun. Just use your fringe scissors to cut the grass cards, write a clue and stick them in the eggs.

carrot treasure hunt clue

carrot treasure clue 1

carrot clue 2

Have a wonderful Easter!

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