Cactus and Llama Party

cactus and llama party

I am so excited to show you this cactus and llama party today. It all started with my free design of the cactus cupcake toppers over on Silhouette this week. I couldn’t just leave it as a single cactus design. I don’t know why, but it drove me crazy. So I worked some crazy hours designing a full party this week. I’m so glad I did! The colors and llamas make this the happiest party I’ve ever done. How can you not smile when you see llamas? tall cactus cupcake topper

Cupcake Toppers

Look how cute the cupcakes are placed in terra cotta pots. It’s those small details that go a long way in a party. These would also be great gifts for a friend when someone needs a little pick-me-up or when they just needs a sweet treat. :)

These cactus cupcake toppers are free as part of my artist feature with Silhouette this week. If you haven’t already grabbed it, make sure you do before it ends tomorrow. cactus cupcakes in terra cotta pot

How to Make Cactus Cupcakes

  1. Pipe some vanilla frosting on top of your cupcakes.
  2. Add gold sprinkles to the top.
  3. Cut out the cactus cupcake toppers and insert in the top.
  4. Fill the bottom of your terra cotta pots with some paper to keep the cupcake from falling to the bottom where you won’t be able to see the top.
  5. Place cupcakes in pots.

cactus and llama party yarn basket

Llama Prints

I love the texture and color the basket full of yarn brings to the whole party set up. I added a framed llama print to tie it in with the rest of the table. To make the 5×7 print, I used this pink and teal llama and just added a rectangle behind it. Using the eyedropper tool in Silhouette Studio, you can select and give it the same background color. I think I’ll keep this frame up in my house. Every time my daughter sees the llamas she gets the giggles. Having it out for everyone to see and hearing her laugh sounds like a good idea.

cactus and llama party drinks

Llama Tags

You can easily dress up any drink you are serving with these llama tags. These would also be so cute on party favors or used as gift tags. I made cactus tags also that would look so great mixed in if you had a variety of colored drinks, or even bottles of red or orange soda. cactus and llama party garlands

Tassel and Llama Garlands

My original idea was to make a bunch of yarn tassels and string them up for the garland. The laziness in me won (no surprise there) and there was no way I was going to make that many. I drew some tassels and cut them out with the Silhouette CAMEO. This was sooooo much faster! I just used a little adhesive on the inside and then folded it over the twine. I love the simplicity of it, yet it adds so much color and looks great next to the llama banner.

The detail of the pom poms around each llama makes this banner so much fun. The banner was assembled the same way as the tassel garland. There is a flap at the top that folds over along the perforated line to run your twine through before you glue the flap down.
cactus table close up

All of my designs are 25% off in the Silhouette store through tomorrow. Head over and stock up on all the party designs while the sale is on. Don’t forget to download the free cactus cupcake topper while you’re there.

6 thoughts on “Cactus and Llama Party

  1. LavMtz

    Love this party! Hoping for a video on your YouTube. How did you create the large Lama backdrop? What is that? Printable vinyl?

    1. Amy Robison Post author

      Thank you so much! I’m glad you like it. The backdrop is a large format print I did at a local print shop. My website isn’t cooperating with me right now, so I con’t have it available for a download… yet. Hopefully it will be soon.

  2. LavMtz

    Also, can you expand on details of where you purchased the terra-cotta pots for the cupcakes? And also for the white pots? What cupcake sized pan did you use for each of those? I just love this party so much! Thank you for designing it WHILE your being featured at Silhouette! Scooped up the whole party.

    1. Amy Robison Post author

      The terra cotta pots were at Walmart. I’m sure you can find them at craft stores and home improvement stores too. The ones I used are holding mini cupcakes. The cupcakes in the white pots are standard size cupcakes and they are a very tight fit. I bought the pots on Amazon.

  3. Jenilee Zapata

    Was wondering how you made the backdrop…Is that made out of vinyl or did you just piece cardstock together?
    Thank you

    1. Amy Robison Post author

      The backdrop is a large format poster print. I was hoping to have it available, but my website is giving me troubles right now when I try to add it. Hopefully it will be on there soon.

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